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Colon Hydrotherapy

Posted by Ask Emily on November 23, 2013 at 12:25 PM

Colon Hydrotherapy, is a treatment that is becoming more and more common and recognized around the world.  Unfortunately, it is not a therapy that is covered by a lot of insurance companies yet.  Some people are hopeful that in time, more and more people with realize the many benefits Colon Hydrotherapy has to offer and maybe someday, insurance companies will start seeing the benefits of the treatments and start covering them.  

Some people have issues with their digestive system and their colon maybe later in life due to medical diagnosis, such as cancer.  Some people may loose the function of their colon if they have been in an accident and are now paralyzed from the waist down.  Some people may have been born with birth defects such as Spina Bifida or Cerebral Palsy and do not have control of their bowels.  These people would all benefit from Colon Hydrotherapy treatments.  

If a person does not properly take care of, and empty their colon regularly, this could lead to colon cancer, rectal bleeding, and other colon and bowel related diagnosis.  If a person does not eat healthy for the most part, and stay hydrated, and/or get enough daily exercise, their bodies might start to shut down and get backed up because they are not taking the necessary steps to keep their systems flowing properly.  If this happens, it could lead to all sorts of life ending prognosis.  

If someone is not able to empty their bowels on their own, and they have tried things such as changes in their diet, supplements, and maybe even enemas, to find that they are little to no help at all, they might talk to a doctor about whether or not they may be a good candidate for Colon Hydrotherapy.  Some people might have very sensitive digestive systems and they can't eat certain things that might be needed to keep their colon flowing properly.  Some people might be allergic to a lot of different fruits and vegetables, or their system goes into shock when a person tries to eat certain things.  This can be totally inconvenient, but it could also be avoided if a person was able to get a Colon Hydrotherapy treatment once a week or maybe even twice a month to keep their systems flowing properly and prevent them from backing up.

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