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Biofeedback Therapy

Posted by Ask Emily on November 24, 2013 at 11:00 AM

Some of you may or may not have heard of Biofeedback Therapy.  Well, for those of you who have not, let me fill you in.  Biofeedback Therapy is AMAZING!  Some of you may or may not remember that I have Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus.  I have also suffered for many years with severe depression.  After going from counselor to counselor talking about my depression and being put on one pill after another, I found Biofeedback Therapy.  Biofeedback Therapy, is one of those treatments, that Insurance Companies and maybe even the government consider to be, "experimental", and therefore it is not covered under most insurance policies and can be rather expensive depending on the diagnosis, or multiple diagnosis' that it is being used to treat.  There are many different things that Biofeedback Therapy has been found to help.  

Some people have turned to Biofeedback Therapy to help with addictions such as alcohol and smoking.  Biofeedback Therapy, works on your brain and teaching it that you do not need to depend on things such as drugs and alcohol to cope with things going on in your life.  Biofeedback Therapy helps your brain to relax when it is in overload and it teaches the parts of your brain that may not function, "properly", how to function.  You may have been born with some sort of head trauma, or may have had head trauma as the result of some sort of accident and certain parts of your brain may never have functioned the way that they should, or do not function the way that they used to if your head trauma is the result of some sort of accident.  

The way that I describe Biofeedback to people (at least the kind of Biofeedback that I did), is that the person administering the treatment puts these little monitors on different parts of your head in areas that correspond with the issues that you may be having and then they hook the other end of these monitors up to a computer and in my case, they had me do what I define as like a Pac Man type of game, but there is no remote control.  It is all done using your brain.  After my first session or two, I was absolutely exhausted because I was using parts of my brain that may never have worked in my life, or parts of my brain that had never worked to, "full capacity".   For those of you considering this as a form of treatment, you will want to have a, "designated driver" to bring you and take you home because there is a chance that after your first few treatments you will be too exhausted to drive.  

Biofeedback Therapy, has also been used on people with diagnosis' such as ADD and ADHD, to help them with their concentration (or lack there of), and maybe even with their highs and lows to help get them centered and focused instead of being in one extreme or the other.  Biofeedback Therapy is being done around the world on young grade school children all the way up to grown adults for one thing or another.  

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