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Accessible Parking/Parking Placards

Posted by Ask Emily on November 25, 2013 at 7:10 PM

Right when I thought that I was running out of ideas to blog about, this one hit me. The dreaded topic of accessible parking and parking placards. When a person has a, "privilege" of something, nothing irritates a person more than those who violate the privilege and eventually ruin it for everyone else. This is what some people are afraid of when it comes to, "accessible parking". Different people are getting more and more upset about this subject, for many different reasons. There are those who are mad because some people utilize these parking spots without the proper license to do so. In most states and countries, you must have either a placard that hangs down from the rear view mirror, or a special license plate that identifies that you have been authorized by a doctor and by the issuing state to have these privileges. If you do not have one of these licenses then you legally are not supposed to be parking in these designated spaces. Also, do not assume that just because you witnessed someone who actually does have a placard or a license plate walking into a store that they are abusing the privilege, or that the person driving the vehicle is not the person who is authorized for the privilege. Just because you can't see what someone is going through, doesn't necessarily mean that something isn't going on. For all you know, the person might suffer from something like severe Asthma or a heart condition and they can't walk very far without risking their health, or they have a birth defect that makes walking long distances difficult for them therefore, the doctor has authorized them to have the privilege because of that reason.


If you do park in one of these designated spaces and someone happens to report you for doing so, you better have proof that you just forgot to display your placard, if in fact you do have one, or be prepared to face the penalty for doing so. These penalties vary from state to state and country to country, but they are not something to mess around with because the fines are high and it could come along with other penalties in addition to a fine. Just remember what some people might consider the, "golden rule" of accessible parking, some day you might actually need to utilize accessible parking yourself, and might find yourself on the flip side of the coin, and have to deal with the frustrations that at one point in time you have caused someone else by illegally parking in those designated parking spots. Walking a few extra feet is easier for some than it is for others, remember that the next time you illegally park in an accessible space that someone might have a better need for than you do. The bottom line is, be respectful of others.


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