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Posted by Ask Emily on December 9, 2013 at 11:05 AM

Some people have recently had their Thanksgiving Day celebrations which often times go along with a ton of food and eating.  Right around the corner, some people will be celebrating Christmas, and they might be doing the same thing all over again.  Some people feel that they are limited for one reason or another as to how much exercise they can do, so if they are health conscious and concerned about their weight, they might keep a closer eye than others as to what they decide to eat, and how much they decide to eat over the holiday season.  For some people, it might be harder than others to resist the temptations that are being placed in front of them.  This can be scary, especially if the person is Diabetic.  People who deal with Diabeties on a daily basis, have two choices, one of which is healthier and safer than the other.  Some people with Diabeties, feel that it is okay to eat whatever they want, whenever they want, and that they can just control it by insulin injections.  This can be very dangerous.  It is better to find foods that you can eat in moderation that taste just as good, but they will not put your health at risk.  If you are Diabetic, or know of someone who will be joining you for your holiday festivities, who is Diabetic, do your best to put out fun, and yet healthier choices for you and your guests to enjoy.  This way, no one will feel left out and no one will have to suffer because of a diagnosis that is not within their control.  

Some people can do things like wheelchair aerobics, or water aerobics in a swimming pool to get their blood circulating.  If you can't afford a membership at a health or fitness club, you might talk to your doctor to see if you can get one of these services covered under physical therapy through your health insurance.  You can also search online for dvd's and video's that fit your specific needs.  

If you happen to live in a colder climate where you get snow, and below freezing temperatures, and you can't afford a club membership, but you are still needing to get exercise, you have a few options in this scenario as well.  You can do laps around the inside of your local shopping mall, if you have school age children, you can talk to the school principal to see if they would mind you coming and walking laps around the inside of the school for an hour or two, or you can go to your grocery store and walk around inside on the outer aisles.  When you look at a grocery store layout, most stores have the healthier choices in the areas surrounding the inner aisles of the store where most of the junk food can be found.  If you are disciplined enough to stay out of the candy and junk food aisles while doing your laps around the inside of the store.  

Below, we will be sharing a few links to help you get started:





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