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Every Parent Needs and Deserves a Time Out Too!

Posted by Ask Emily on March 9, 2014 at 10:40 AM

EVERY PARENT needs and deserves a time out themselves from time to time.  There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with this!  If you realize that you are about at your breaking point, plop your child in front of the tv for 5 minutes and make sure that there is nothing down at their level that could hurt them and go lock yourself in your bedroom or bathroom for up to 5 minutes.  You can use your pillow as a punching bag, or even put your face into your pillow and scream if you feel the need!  Once you are done, your child may or may not have questions.  It can't be stressed enough that you take the time to explain to your child that you needed to take a mommy or daddy time out and that whatever is bothering you has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH THEM!  Raising a child with, "Special Needs" we all know is and can be exhausting, some more so than others.  It is okay to take a mommy or daddy time out to collect your thoughts, so that you do not unnecessarily take your own frustrations out on your child.  If it is possible, you might even have someone that you trust with your child to come over even if it is for 15 minutes, a half hour, or even an hour to allow you to get away, so that you child does not see what you are going through.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with taking a step back or taking a time out.  Make sure that you as the parent take the best care of you as possible, so that you can focus your energy on taking care of your child, but DO NOT forget to take care of you!  If you aren't  taking care of you then you can't give 100% to your child.  

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