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Special Needs Children by Birth/Adoption

Posted by Ask Emily on March 26, 2014 at 2:30 PM

This topic was inspired by Bill Klein and Jen Arnold, AKA The Little Couple.  I get my writing/blogging inspiration from a number of resources.  This one just happens to come from the television show, The Little Couple.  For those of you who may or may not follow the show, Bill and Jen both have Dwarfism.  Some couples have children by birth while other couples have children through adoption.  Bill and Jen, have recently in the last few years opened their hearts and lives to their two adopted children, their son Will who they adopted from China, and their daughter Zoey who they adopted from India.  Both Will and Zoey have forms of Dwarfism just like Bill and Jen.  It takes a very special heart to not give up on a special needs baby or child.  Some people have babies born with special needs and the biological parents put them up for adoption because they feel that they can't give their baby the life that they feel they desrve for one reason or another.    There are also those who foster or adopt who will specifically request to foster or adopt a child or multiple children with special needs.  If you haven't already seen this show and want to be inspired, you should watch it sometime.  Whether you are looking to adopt or feel that you don't have any other choice than to put your special needs child up for adoption, there are organizations available to assist you with this process.  Below, are just a few resources available to you.




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