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When And How To Get A Second Opinion

Posted by Emily Jensen on January 28, 2015 at 5:20 PM

Have you ever gone to a doctor for yourself or your child, and were not satisfied with how the visit went?  Have you considered going to a different doctor to see if their opinion was different than that of the first doctor?  Some people may not realize that they have every right to do this until they get a satisfactory answer to their symptoms.  Some people may go to a doctor and not question their diagnosis and go for many years and find out the hard way that the doctor that gave them the original diagnosis many months or years before was completely wrong with their diagnosis.  It is amazing how symptoms from one diagnosis can be very similar to another diagnosis and a doctor might easily confuse the two diagnosis.  This can be very emotionally traumatic for the patient as well as the patient's family.  If you have received a diagnosis, but for one reason or another you just do not seem to agree with what the doctor is telling you, ask around to see if you can find another doctor who might be able to give you a second opinion on your symptoms to see if they might be able to catch something that the first doctor may have overlooked.  There is nothing wrong with doing this, and you have every right to do this without worrying about what your primacy doctor might think of you doing this.  Having a second opinion might even diagnose something that could even be potentially life threatening and if you had not gone in for the second opinion, the diagnosis may not have been caught in time to do any treatments that might be available for the diagnosis. 

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