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Its Not Always All In Your Head

Posted by Emily Jensen on June 3, 2015 at 11:55 AM

Have you ever gone to your Doctor insisting that something was wrong, but your Disagreed and said that it was, "All in your head"? Sadly, this happens more often than some people might think. When one part of your body is not functioning to its full capacity, other parts of your body might start shutting down as well. Our Social Media Coordinator recently went in to the doctor to find out that her right side of her rib cage was completely dislocated, and she talked to the person who runs the natural foods section of her grocery store because she was curious about something. When she was growing up, people used to tease her because she would have offensive body odors.  She talked to the woman in the natural foods section of her grocery store to find out if her body odors and lack of sweat could have had anything to do with her rib cage being out, and the woman that worked in the store strongly aggreed that that was totally possible and our Social Media Coordinator could not believe that her suspicions were correct. Things were finally starting to fall into place and make sense. Our Social Media Coordinator was confirming that it was not all in her head and that she was actually right by what she thought and this has started a whole chain of events that had led her to getting her health back under control. If your Doctor tries to tell you that it is all in your head, it might be to your benefit to seek a second opinion, because there is a chance that they might be wrong.

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