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Special Needs Children When Parents Divorce

Posted by Emily Jensen on August 29, 2015 at 12:30 AM

Divorce is never easy on any family.  It is especially challenging when you have a, "special needs" child or children in the household and both parents feel that they know what is best for their child or children and yet their feelings or beliefs are different than each other.  When a couple has children, they are responsible for making choices in the best interest of the child until that child turns 18 if not longer if there is a medical diagnosis involved that makes decision making challenging for the child involed.  In some divorce cases, although it is wrong, a parent for whatever their reasoning might be, try to use their child or children to get back at their ex-spouse if something has happened in the marriage where one parent is upset at the other parent for the marriage failing.  If one parent feels that there is abuse going on from the other parent to the child with, "special needs", they might get law enforcement or child protective services involved in hopes to stop the other parent from hurting their child or children.  This might just make the other parent even angrier and cause them to try and prevent the other parent from seeing the child or children depending on who has custody and if it is a shared custody arrangement, the angry parent might put in an exagerated report in hopes that they can have their child back while the investigation is taking place.  What some parents don't realize is that ultimately this only hurts the child involved, but if it is in fact founded that the other parent is abusing their child in some way then the concerns and reports are warranted. 

If you and the other parent of your child or children are divorced and you have a child or children, that is or are mentally delayed and they have just come home from spending time with the other parent and they are showing signs of abuse or neglect, but it has been too long in the law's eyes to do anything about it, what are your options?  Who do you turn to for help?  What do you do if you feel that people are not taking you seriously enough? 

Categories: Coping Skills, Children Services, Marriage Issues

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