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Airline Discrimination

Posted by Emily Jensen on February 21, 2016 at 8:55 PM

Most of us will agree, that Airline Transportation is more than likely the most common and popular mode of transportation.  Unfortunately, it does come with its challenges especially when the person using this mode of transportation has some form of disability.  One common misconception might be who's responsibility is it to transfer a person who utilizes a wheelchair, from their wheelchair onto the plane and from the plane back to their wheelchair when the plane arrives at its final destination?  Is it the responsibility of the person who utilizes the wheelchair to make sure that they are traveling with a travel companion who is capable of lifting the person from their wheelchair to their assigned seat on the airplane and from their assigned seat on the airplane back into their wheelchair when they reach their final destination, or is it the responsibility of the airline to have people trained to transfer these paying passengers from their wheelchair to their assigned seat on the plane and from their assigned seat on the plane back into their wheelchair at their final destination.  Should the travel companion have to pay full fare on their ticket, or should they get some sort of discount on their flight because they are there to help with transferring the person and any other needs that they might have that a flight attendant may or may not be properly trained to help with? 

Should this be something that TSA looks into, to see if a policy needs to be implemented for ALL airlines to have the same rules and the same policies to prevent accidents from happing and discrimination from taking place?  If an airline does not comply with these policies and procedures, what actions should be taken to raise public awareness of these issues that happen every day around the world?  Should there be retraining to those involved in a situation where something goes wrong where a person traveling with a disability has or may have gotten hurt by the carelessness and improper handling of the situation?  If an airline employee is found to have mishandled a passenger with a disability on more than one occasion and they have maybe been written up by their employer before, how many times should they basically get away with it before they are terminated from their job?  Do you think with proper training these scenario's could be prevented and avoided in the future?  We would love to hear your feedback at Ask Emily! 

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Reply Hope 4 Disabilities
9:48 PM on February 21, 2016 
great article, thanks Emily!!