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Prescription Medication vs. Homeopathic or Natural: Weighing Your Options

Posted by Emily Jensen on February 27, 2016 at 10:10 AM

Hundred's of years, ago people used to live off of the land and use things like herbs to treat different forms of sickness.  As time progressed, doctors and pharmacists started putting different ingredients together to form pills, tonics, syrups, and things to treat people.  In current days, we are finding more and more side affects with presciption medications.  Some people who are depressed for example, will go to their doctor or mental health counselor, to find a medication to help them be able to sleep or maybe even perform daily tasks if they are so depressed that they want to do nothing but sleep.  When the doctor or counselor prescribe these things, one of the warnings that they might give is that it might increase the person's thoughts of suicide.  Common sense says that if a person is depressed, they might already be considering suicide, so why in the world would a medical professional even consider prescribing their patient a medication that has a side effect saying that the person's risk of suicide might increase if they take it.  Who does the liability fall on if the patient comitts suicide because they were already feeling suicidal, but they were put on a medication where one of the risks was possible suicide and the doctor or counselor knew this when prescribing the medication to the suicidal person.  If a person were to try something more natural, there would be less risk of the person thinking about or wanting to comitt suicide.  When you are dealing with mental health issues or concerns, make sure to do your research on what is truly going to b the best for you, and weigh your options before taking something that could cause you more harm than it could good.

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