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Fulfilling unmet needs in the disability community

Advocates for Individuals with Disabilities Fight for Civil Rights through Compliance and Generosity By Monique Tatum Spokesperson for Advocates for Individuals with Disabilities ...

Posted by Emily Jensen on April 25, 2016 at 3:25 PM

Advocates for Individuals with Disabilities or AID.org, is an organization that was formed to help provide support and assistance for millions of individuals with disabilities. The charitable AID Foundation has been successfully providing resources to individuals through an online grant

program located at AID.org. Some of those impacted have received legal assistance, medical equipment like leg braces, electronic walking assistors, and wheelchairs, and some have even received help with medical bills. The stories for assistance continue to pour in as Advocates for Individuals with Disabilities reach out for more and more applicants.


AID.org also works to end discrimination against people with disabilities, ultimately hoping to achieve a national level of equal rights and opportunities for individuals with physical and/or mental disabilities. While the Advocates for Individuals with Disabilities Foundation continues to make strides in assisting individuals with disabilities, there are still several recurring issues facing this community. The lack of access to proper insurance is a problem for individuals requiring extensive health care. Unfortunately, specific groups of people with disabilities have less access to certain types of insurance and services leaving their health care needs unmet. For example, Henry Hearns, a gunshot victim who was left a paraplegic had been searching high and low for car hand controls and coverage for necessary driving classes, which would allow him to obtain a part time job and help support his family. However, insurance was unable to cover this, and no charitable organizations were able to help, until he discovered AID via Facebook. AID immediately seized the opportunity to aid Henry in getting both the hand controls and paying for the driving classes, allowing him to gain the independence that he so longed for.


AID.org provides a number of resources regarding financial assistance to help eliminate the lack of help being received by people with disabilities. The organization has also helped fund high medical costs for individuals living in poverty due to unemployment and the high cost of medical bills.


A major issue that has been ignored within the business world involves work environments that aren’t adhering to the American with Disabilities Act (ADA). Advocates for Individuals with Disabilities are calling for nationwide compliance and are making wide spread change among the businesses that do not accommodate the rights of people with disabilities. This approach includes advocacy, litigation, structured negotiations, community education, and media outreach for reform in systems, practices and facilities which discriminate against and cause obstacles for

people with disabilities.


Advocates for Individuals with Disabilities - Foundation have opened their doors welcoming individuals with disabilities who are requiring assistance in various aspects of life. The mission for AID.org is to not only let those in the disabled community know they are not alone, but to also provide Individuals with Disabilities life-changing options, solutions and assistance.

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