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What Are Your Options When Your Caregiver Hours Only Go So Far?

Posted by Emily Jensen on July 30, 2016 at 8:30 PM

We hear from people on a daily basis, who are frustrated because they depend on the help of a caregiver, but most state funded caregivers are legally only allowed to help for so many hours.  These caregivers often times would love to help for more hours, but they know that their jobs would be on the line if they were to go over those alotted hours.  What are these people supposed to do when they don't have family close by to come help them, and their neighbors are not trained in how to help them without risking injury to themselves or the person in need of the help?  Some people with certain medical diagnosis' need help with going to the bathroom, what are they supposed to do if their caregiver's hours are out and they don't have someone who has been trained in how to properly transfer them to their wheelchair to assist them in getting to the bathroom?  This could lead to bladder and kidney infections and things which could ultimately lead to the person dying if not resolved.  These issues are not the patient's fault, so why should they be the one's to ultimately pay the consequences of this neglect?  The bottom line is that these people deserve more hours and better care.  Something needs to change.

Categories: Disabilities and Special Needs, Healthcare/Insurance, Discrimination

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