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When Your Childs School Cares More About Their Education Than Their Health

Posted by Ask Emily on April 26, 2018 at 9:50 AM
Has your child's health been declining over the years? Have they missed more and more school due to their declining health? Does the school seem to be more concerned with their number of absences than the work that they have done at home independently and you have turned it all back in and found that they are still figuring out how to do the material with the help of a parent or a tutor? More and more families are being harassed and discriminated against in the public school system because all the school staff seems to care about, is the child's education and not the child's declining health. Their response is send them to school every day and things will get better, but that is not the case sometimes and the parent and the child know best, but it turns into senseless arguing, meetings and sometimes even legal battles and unnecessary CPS complaints that take away resources and services to families who are in serious crisis and need those services more urgently. We find it rather ironic that the schools have policies in place where if they have a fever over a certain degree or other symptoms that they stay home and yet if they have a chronic illness, they are expected to be at school. This makes absolutely no sense. How do we get these, "educators" to understand what our child is dealing with and get them to see that they are doing their best under the circumstances of their illness? How do we open their eyes to the common sense that if we focus on their health and get their health under control that they will be able to be back in the classroom participating at full capacity instead of coming to school half drained of energy and can't function to the best of their ability?

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