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Door To Door Transportation

Posted by Ask Emily on November 20, 2013 at 3:10 PM

Some cities, states, and countries have done better than others when it comes to door to door transportation needs of their, "disabled" and/or, "elderly" residents. Some people with, "disabilities", and some, "elderly", can't drive at all, or they might be intimidated to drive for one reason or another, and they depend on public transportation services, church organizations, neighbors, friends, family, and other organizations to help them to get from point A to point B if it is not within walking distance. If a person does not live near family, has very few friends, those of which may have jobs or other obligations during the time that you may need a ride to an appointment, etc., who can they and do they turn to for their transportation needs if no one is available to help them and their local community does not have some sort of transportation service available to help them with these needs. In some states, if you live within a certain distance to a public bus stop, this makes you ineligible for door to door service and they sometimes do not seem to care if you have the mental capacity or not to read and understand a bus schedule. We would love to hear feedback from those of you who can relate to this and how you have dealt with this issue. If you have not been able to deal with this issue, what would you like to see done in your local community? Have you tried addressing this with anyone and if so, who? Would you be interested in resources in your local community who might be able to help you resolve these types of issues?

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